Word 2010 Beyond Basics

Duration: 1 day
This course recaps the basic features of Microsoft Word 2010 and covers methods to work more efficiently.  It is particularly suited to anyone who is self taught or who has previously received basic training on an earlier release of Word.  Throughout the course there will be a focus on applying the topics covered efficiently within a business context.
Prior use of Word or another word processing package is necessary.  Delegates must be able to open and save a document, enter text and print.
Delegates will learn how to:
Move, select and format text
Add bullets/numbers to a document
Create and modify a table
Identify the Word views
Change the layout of a document
Use the proofing tools to correct mistakes
Inserting pictures
Opening, closing and saving a document
Create a document
Word 2010
Understand the Word 2010 user interface
Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
Using task panes and Smart Tags
Working with Text
Entering, modifying and deleting text
Undo and redo
Navigating around a document
Selecting text including multiple selections
Moving and copying text
The Office clipboard
Find and replace
Formatting Text
Changing text appearance, fonts and colour
Using format painter
Formatting paragraphs
Tabulation and indents
The ruler
Working with Lists
Adding bullets and numbers
Customising the list
Create and modify a table
Working with table content
Changing a table structure
Table designs and styles
Formatting a table
Controlling Page Layout
Page breaks
Paper size and orientation
Headers, footers and page numbers
Proofing the Document
Spelling and grammar check
Using and customising AutoCorrect
Printing and Document Views
Printing a document
Using print preview, page layout view and page break preview
PDF documents
Print options
Inserting Graphics
Inserting pictures
Resizing, moving and formatting pictures