Word 2007 Intermediate

Duration: 1 day
This course is intended for users who have a good understanding of the basics of word processing and wish to learn methods to work more efficiently
At the end of the course, the delegates will understand how to work efficiently with this powerful word processing application.
All delegates should be familiar with Word 2007
Delegates will learn how to:
Create documents in multi-column format
Customise bullet and number lists
Create and edit templates
Manipulate tables effectively
Perform a selective mail merge
Set up and use a Word form
Create web pages
Tips and shortcuts for working with Word documents
Navigation and selecting shortcuts
The Office 2007 interface and common features
Using task panes
Using standard Smart Tags
Drag and Drop
Document Layout
Recap page and section breaks
Using section breaks to change the orientation of a single page within a document
Setting different headers and footers for a section
Using page numbers in headers and footers
Using pre-set styles for consistent formatting
Creating a style
Styles and Templates
Modifying a style for the current document
Creating a table of contents using styles
Using formula in tables
Using Excel tables within Word
Mail Merge
Refresher on basic mail merge
Selective merge
Merge to labels or envelopes
Merge from external sources
Using pre-set templates
Creating templates based on documents
Special Features
Inserting Pictures
Using Fields
Customising toolbars