Word 2007 Beyond Basics

Duration: 1 day
This course recaps the basic functions and features of Microsoft Word and covers methods to work more efficiently.  It is particularly suited to anyone who is self taught or who has previously received basic training on an earlier release of Word.  It is also ideal for those currently creating simple text documents who are now faced with creating more professional documentation.
Prior use of Word or another word processing package is necessary.  Delegates must be able to open and save a document, add text and print.
Delegates will learn how to:
Create, edit and print a basic document efficiently
Create a letter and envelope
Use spell checker and autocorrect to correct mistakes
Perform basic formatting operations to improve the appearance of the document
Create and format a Word Table
Perform a basic mail merge
The Office 2007 interface
Navigation shortcuts
Recap for using task panes
Using standard Smart Tags
Word Basics
Tips and shortcuts for working with Word documents
Creating a document from a template
Text basics
Navigation and selecting shortcuts
Review of spell check and autocorrect
Finding and replacing text
Creating and using autotext
Understanding the grammar check and Thesaurus
Recap: cut, copy and paste
Drag & drop
Using undo to reverse an action
Printing a document
Using print preview
Print options
Printing envelopes
Character formatting choices
Using format painter
Formatting Paragraphs
Setting simple tabs
Setting and using indents
Using bullet and numbering
Applying borders
Working with basic tables
Adding and deleting rows/columns
Merging and splitting cells
Table tips and shortcuts
Hiding and displaying borders for tables
Formatting Pages
Page layout options
Changing margins
Changing the orientation of a document
Using hard page breaks
Creating simple headers and footers
Creating a simple mail merge
Merging to envelopes and labels