Word 2007 Advanced

Duration: 1 day
This course looks at the advanced features of Word. These features  allow users to handle long documents, collaborate with others and manipulate large amounts of text.
Delegates must have attended a lower level Word course or must be familiar and competent with the basic features and functions of Word.
Delegates will learn how to:
Handle long documents easily and efficiently
Create multipage documents with different headers and footers
Apply consistent formatting simply using styles
Use useful techniques for report writing including tables of contents, footnotes and endnotes
Work with colleagues to produce and amend a document
Use macros to automate simple tasks
Tips and shortcuts for working with Word documents
Navigation and selecting shortcuts
The Office 2007 interface and common features
Document Layout
Recap page and section breaks
Using section breaks to change the orientation of a single page within a document
Setting different headers and footers for a section
Using page numbers in headers and footers
Using pre-set styles for consistent formatting
Creating a style
Creating a style from text
Modifying a style for the current document
Creating a table of contents using styles
Tracking changes in a document
Reviewing proposed changes and comments
Merging document revisions
Using highlights
Inserting and reviewing comments
Protecting a document
Working with Long Documents
Working in outline view
Working with master documents and sub documents
Adding footnotes and endnotes
Creating cross references
Recording a simple macro to automate a task
Adding macro buttons to the toolbar
Editing and creating menus
Using outline to handle long documents
Collapsing/Expanding outlines
Moving text within the outline
Using styles within the outline
Outline numbering
Using pre-set templates  & creating simple templates
AutoText & Templates
Automating templates with macros