PowerPoint 2007 Beyond Basics

Course Code: MSPPT2007BB
Duration: 1 day
This course recaps the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint and covers methods to create simple presentations.  It is particularly suited to anyone who is self taught or who has previously received basic training on an earlier release of PowerPoint.  It is also ideal for those who previously made small changes to presentations but are now faced with creating complete presentations from scratch. 
At the end of the course the delegates will be able to create and run a presentation.
Prior use of PowerPoint or another presentation package is necessary.  Delegates should be able to add slides and amend text.
Delegates will learn how to:
Create and amend slides efficiently
Work with slide masters
Work with objects
Apply themes
Understand theme colour schemes
Create and run slide shows
Apply animation
Select appropriate print options
Working with the user interface
Understanding standard SmartTags
Recap slide layouts
Creating slides
Adding, editing and formatting text objects
Working with drawing objects
Using ClipArt
Creating basic charts
Creating organisation charts
Creating tables
Changing slide layouts
Working with objects
Changing the appearance of slides
Adding a graphic or text to a slide master
Using Slide Sorter view
Using Slide Sort view to move or copy slides
Viewing and printing in black & white
Using pre-set themes
Applying different themes in a presentation
Slide Show
Creating a manual slideshow
Running a manual slideshow
Hiding slides
Automating a slideshow
Transition effects
Custom animation
Using Package for CD
Print and print options
Tips on preparing a presentation