Outlook 2007 Introduction

Microsoft Outlook training
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Duration: 1 day
OverviewThis course introduces users to the basic functions and features of Microsoft Outlook 2007. At the end of the course the delegates will understand how to send and receive mail and the basics of team working using this powerful groupware application. This course is suited to anyone who is new to Outlook or email.
Prior knowledge of Outlook is not required. However, delegates should be familiar with a mouse and keyboard and have an understanding of Windows basics.
Course Content: 

Delegates will learn how to:
Open Outlook and work with different folders and views
Open, reply to and forward incoming email messages
Send email messages, including those with attachments, and use basic send options.
Follow standard email etiquette
Manage their personal contacts and distribution lists
Create personal folders and manage email messages that they send and receive
Create and edit calendar appointments and meeting requests
Create and edit tasks and task requests
Use search tools to find Outlook items
The Outlook Interface
Screen layout and views
Outlook Today and the To Do Bar
Basic search tools
Working with Mail Messages
Compose mail messages
Addressing emails and the address books
Reply to and forward email messages
Attaching, opening and saving file attachments
Options for sending and saving messages
Deleting messages and emptying the deleted items folder
Managing Contacts and Address Books
Viewing global addresses
Adding, editing and deleting personal contacts
Creating a distribution list
Sending an email to a personal contact
Sharing contact folders
Scheduling Using the Calendar
Using different calendar views
Adding, editing and deleting personal appointments
Creating a meeting request and checking attendee availability
Recurring appointments and meetings
Sharing calendars
Managing Tasks
Using different task views
Adding, editing and deleting personal tasks
Marking tasks as complete and tracking progress
Creating and sending task requests
Additional Topics
The course contents may be adjusted, by prior arrangement, to cover additional topics such as Public Folders, Company Policies, Archiving etc.