Microsoft Excel 2013 Full Introduction

Duration: 2 days
This course gives delegates a thorough introduction to the core functions and features of Microsoft Excel 2013.  It is particularly suited to anyone who is new to spreadsheets and wants to quickly develop a comprehensive understanding of the basics.  Throughout the course there will be a focus on applying the topics covered efficiently within a business context.
At the end of the course the delegates will be able to create, edit, format and manipulate data; print a spreadsheet using simple formulae; and create a basic chart.
This course combines the topics from our Basic and Beyond Basic course.
No prior knowledge of Excel or any other spreadsheet is required.  However, delegates should be familiar with a keyboard, mouse and have a basic understanding of Windows. 
Delegates will learn how to:
Create and edit a simple worksheet
Open and save a workbook
Move around and select within a worksheet using the mouse and keyboard
Move and copy data using the Office clipboard and drag & drop
Format the data to enhance the appearance of the worksheet
Create formulae to calculate worksheet data
Understand, edit and correct formulae
Work with Excel tables
Sort and filter data
Create and modify simple charts
Preview and print the worksheet and change printing options
Understand the Excel 2013 user interface
Be familiar with SmartTags
Customise the Quick Access Toolbar
Opening, closing and saving a spreadsheet
Create a spreadsheet
Inputting Data
Entering text and numbers
Inputting dates
Using AutoFill
Flash Fill
Creating custom lists
Editing Data
Using undo and redo to correct actions
Deleting and clearing cells or ranges
Using the spell checker
Selecting cells and ranges
Moving and copying data
Formatting basics
Inserting and deleting rows and columns
Changing the height and width of rows and columns
Moving rows and columns
Hiding rows and columns
Formatting the contents of a cell / range
Using Format Painter
Creating a formula
Simple rules for formulae
Add, subtract, multiply and divide
Edit and understand simple formulae
Understanding cell addresses – relative and absolute references
Using dates in formulae
Troubleshooting a formula – circular references, order of precedence
Creating a formula with data from other sheets and workbooks
Using a 3D formula to calculate across multiple sheets
Using Excel functions
Using AutoSum and the extended AutoSum (Average, Max, Min, Count)
Creating basic IF functions
Working with multiple sheets
Naming sheets and using colour on sheet tabs
Moving and copying sheets
Excel Tables
Creating a table
Using table features
Formatting with options and styles
Working with data
Linking cells
Sorting lists
Using find and replace
Freezing panes
Split screen
Using Print Preview, Page Layout view and Page Break Preview
The Print Pane
Adjusting page setup options including margins, headers and footers
Setting Print Titles and Print Ranges
Creating a simple chart
Modifying a simple chart
Printing charts