Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced Level 2 - Power User

Course code: MSEXC2013PUADV2
Duration: 1 day
This course extends delegates knowledge of Excel functions looking at maintaining consistency in working by using templates, styles and themes; as well as sharing workbooks, viewing changes, and using web features.  Throughout the course there will be a focus on the practical application of the topics within a business context.
At the end of the course the delegates will be able to be consistent throughout their workbooks, utilising more functions and analysis tools.
Delegates must have attended an Advanced level 1 course or have gained similar knowledge in a business environment. It is essential that delegates can competently use functions and work with large amounts of data.
Delegates will learn how to:
•             Explore more Excel functions
•             Use the what if analysis tools
•             Create and use templates, styles and themes
•             Share workbooks
•             Work with the web features
•             Save a form
•             Add pictures and shapes to a worksheet
•             Customise Excel
Recap of essentials
Auditing tools
Excel tables
Explore More Excel Formulas and Functions
Array formulas
Formulas and functions within Excel tables
Financial functions
Database functions
What If Analysis Tools
Creating scenarios
Finding a solution using goal seek / solver
Viewing variables using data tables
Creating and editing a template
Using a template to create a new workbook
Templates and worksheets
Themes and Styles
Using cell styles
Creating and merging styles
Applying a theme
Sharing Workbooks
Create a shared workbook
Tracking changes
Compare and merge workbooks
Query and Web Features
Create a web query
Querying external databases
Saving a workbook as a web page
Customise Excel
Update workbook properties
Explore Excel options
Create a form
Add form controls (check box, drop down list, etc)
Add pictures and shapes for emphasis