Influencing and Persuasion

Duration: 1 day
The ability to influence people positively enables us to achieve more and boosts our personal credibility. When we want someone to do something for us, we are ideally seeking their commitment to the task, not just their compliance. People may not like being told what to do, but they will not mind being influenced or persuaded, largely because they are unaware that it has happened!
This 1 day course is designed to enable you to practise the skills needed for influencing people to get the results you want or need, whilst maintaining positive relationships.
Learning Outcomes
The course will enable you to:
-           Identify the key principles of influencing others
-           Identify how you perceive situations and how others perceive you in the working environment
-           Use communication techniques to build rapport
-           Use questioning and listening skills to build relationships
-           Identify how to build relationships at work to increase your ability to get the required results when you don’t have direct authority
-           Identify how to build credibility at work so that you can get the results you need
-           Create your action plan to implement your learning in the workplace
Course Content
Session 1 Perception and the impact on influencing
-           Recognising the power of perception
-           Group activity
-           Self limiting beliefs
Session 2 Preparing to influence
-           Who do you have to influence?
-           What are the challenges?
-           Expanding your Circle of Influence
Session 3 Essential influencing skills
-           Identifying the essential skills
-           Cialdini’s 6 rules of influencing
-           Building your credibility
-           The PROVEN model for successful influencing
Session 4 Questioning and listening skills
-           Asking the right questions
-           Hearing or listening?
Session 5 Adapting your approach to suit the audience
-           Know your audience – social styles
-           People are different, not difficult
-           How would you like to be influenced?
Session 6 Skills Practice Scenarios
-           Delegates participate in influencing skills practice scenarios using their own examples
Session 7 Review and Close
There are no pre-requisites.