Adobe Photoshop - Introduction

Duration: 1 day
1: Photoshop's Environment
Raster and Vector Graphics
Photoshop Environment Elements
Saving Images in Photoshop Format
Navigating in Photoshop
2. Sizing Images
Image Size and Resolution
3. Selecting Image Areas
The Lasso Tool
Deselecting Areas
Crosshair Pointers
The Polygonal Lasso Tool
The Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
The Magic Wand Tool
The Magnetic Lasso Tool
Adding to and Subtracting from Selections
Saving Selections
4. Manipulating Selections
Transforming Selections
Correcting Mistakes
Moving Selections
Hiding Edges
Floating Versus Fixed Selections
Copying Selections
Feathering Edges
5. Image Modes
Mode Characteristics
Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Color Modes
6. Selecting Colour
The Color Palette
The Color Picker
The Info Palette
The Eyedropper Tool
7. Painting in Color
The Line Tool
The Paintbrush Tool
The Pencil Tool
The Rubber Stamp Tool
Painting Selection Masks
8. Layers
Creating Layers
Manipulating Layers
Copying Layers between Images
Painting with Layers
9: Adjusting Images
Levels Adjustment Layers
Toning Tools
10: Saving Completed Images
Flattening Images
Saving a Copy