Adobe Dreamweaver - Introduction

Duration: 1 Day

Getting Started
Defining a site
Naming documents
Specifying preview browsers
Background, text, link colours
How to put text onto a page
How to format text
The Assets panel
Setting Up the Page
Working with graphics
How to insert graphics on a Web page
How to wrap text around graphics
Using the Assets panel  to manage graphics
How to insert buttons and animations from Flash
Creating links
How to create text and graphic links
How to jump to a location within a Web page
How to create hotspots
Page design
How to use the Layout view
How to create a standard table
How to modify a table
How to import tabular data
Creating forms
How to add a form to a Web page
How to place form fields within the form area
Managing your site
How to use the Site window to perform site management functions
How to customise the site window
How to set up a connection to a remote site
How to copy files to and from a remote site
Using Libraries
How to create and insert library items
How to edit existing library items
How to detach a library item
Using Templates
How to build a template from scratch
How to convert an existing page to a template
How to update a site by changing the template
Uploading site
Updating pages