Adobe Acrobat Introduction

Duration: 1 day
1. Acrobat Overview
The Acrobat Process
Acrobat Components
Acrobat Interface
Navigating Documents
Searching Documents
Changing View Magnification
Full Screen Display
2. Creating PDF Files
The PDFWriter
Setting PDFWriter Properties
Acrobat Distiller Print Driver
Manually Distilling a Document
Setting Watched Folders
Converting Spreadsheets and Presentations
3. Building Documents
Combining PDFs
Cropping Pages
Creating Pages From Imported Images
Working with Thumbnails
Setting Document Information
Working in Full Screen Mode
Viewing PDFs in a Browser
4. Annotating and Editing Documents
Working with Text Content
Changing Text Attributes
Working with Objects
Annotations at a Glance
Note Annotations
Text Annotations
File Annotations
Stamp Annotations
Managing Annotations
Filtering Annotations
Summarizing Annotations
Printing Your Document
5. Adding Navigation, Sound, and Movies
Setting Actions
Navigating with Articles
Creating Articles
Inserting Sound and Movies
6. Acrobat Catalog
The Index Process at a Glance
Creating a Search Index
Searching an Index
Assigning Indexes to Files
Setting Search Preference